April 30, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad

Happy 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary
Mum and Dad


Soe Moe said...

i'm so touched. very happy for u and them.

clef said...

long journey
tight relationship
great understanding
plenty happiness
many kisses and
tremendous love..

all that be forever....

sttw2201 said...

Congratulations to both Uncle and Aunty! Wishing them both a Happy Anniversary! :)

Nay Nay Naing said...

Dear Soe Moe, Mi Kaw and Su,

Thanks your all for your comments and well wishes.
I have already told my parents about ur comments and wishes.. They are really happy when they heard your wishes and want to say thanks to you all..

Thanks again my dear friends .. :)
Urs ever,
Nay Nay